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This may not be known to many parents out there but, children under four years of age can NOT actually learn to swim competitive strokes like front crawl or backstroke. However, swimming lessons can help young children to socialize, gain water confidence and obtain fundamental skills which are useful for learning the technique later when they are older.


Swimming vastly aids in enhancing visual-motor skills, coordination, and flexibility. Toddlers can learn how to better control their body movement through swimming exercises.

With most of their body weight supported by the water, toddlers can learn how to balance in the water. This improves their balance out of the pool as well.

It is also well-known that swimming is one of the activities that can offer a bonding experience. Attending swimming lessons with other toddlers exposes your child to many peers of similar ages with the same interest. With their social skills improved through swimming, they will be accustomed to interacting with a large group of friends and will be, in no time, ready for primary school!


Swimming is more than just a fun pastime to enjoy during the summer months. By signing up your child for swimming lessons, children are not only taking part in a fun, physical activity, but they are also learning important lessons about water safety.

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