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Bubs & Tots Swim School

If you’re looking for the perfect place to introduce your little one to swimming, Bubs & Tots Swim School is it!

Our Swim Australia™ Babies and Toddlers-trained coaches are certified in Life-Saving and First Aid, and are lauded as some of Singapore's best when it comes to educating children in water safety and encouraging them along their swimming journey.

Equipped with an indoor heated pool, we make learning fun with exciting activities such as singing songs and playing games that help enhance coordination skills too.

So come join us at Bubs & Tots Swim School - classes are available for infants from 4 months old to kids of 7 years old.

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Centre Director's Message

Dear Parents,

Greetings and welcome to our swim school family!

In these crucial early years of your child's development, our goal is to establish the groundwork for comprehensive growth – physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.


A sturdy foundation will sow the seeds of character, instill perseverance, promote comfort in embracing one another’s individuality, empowering your child to embrace change.

I firmly believe that meaningful interactions among teachers, children, and parents are pivotal for a rewarding learning journey. As someone who has been passionate about swimming since childhood, I've witnessed the profound link between swimming and the cultivation of essential habits of mind.

With an enthusiastic team of devoted teachers and staff, we are eager to build strong connections with your family. Together, let's craft purposeful and meaningful learning experiences that extend beyond the pool, nurturing your children’s growth and unlocking their full potential.

Cheers to a journey filled with learning, growth, and boundless adventures!

Cheng Su Yi
Centre Director & Coach

Master of Education (Special Education)
National Institute of Education (NIE) 

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Young children learn to enjoy a whole host of new sensory inputs from early swimming activities. Babies and children alike, can enjoy the freedom and texture of the water by simply splashing their hands and are visually fascinated by bubbles and droplets of water.


During our classes, children are able to experience moving their arms and legs in the water without restrictions. They learn through song repetitions, developing hand-eye coordination through our coaches led activities with all sorts of pool toys to keep their attention span in check. In addition, through aquatic play, children begin to develop both awareness and respect for the new and exciting environment.

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Every parent wants what’s best for their child. You want your child to feel safe and secure in everything they do, including any time spent in or around water. Our classes are aimed at supporting babies to feel comfortable and confident in the water through lots of games and nursery rhymes.


Our infants’ swim classes go beyond teaching little ones the basics of swimming, to creating a bond between the parent and baby. Armed with multitudinous coaching techniques and experience, our coaches know the right formula to help your child achieve coveted results. We take pride in our coaches and invest in their continued development as swimming education providers. Every Bubs & Tots coach working with babies and small children has received special training to ensure swimming classes are safe and fun.

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Our school of "tot" focuses on high achievements which doesn't always take place in the framework of high expectations. All our classes are child centred and aim at individual progression. Hence, at Bubs & Tots, we allow your babies to gradually develop & improve at his or her own pace.


Our bespoke development pathway directs kids through a natural advancement channel that takes a 'no pressure' approach which is both fun & progressive.


We strongly believe in focusing on long-term goals that yield positive results. Putting pressure on short term achievements may impede kids' confidence & motivation to excel.



With a mission to provide excellence in professional coaching and to spearhead programmes to develop kids to the best of their abilities, our teachers are cherry-picked from a pool of elite swimming coaches in Singapore. At Bubs & Tots, our main objective is to hire the crèmede la crèmes of the industry to instil only the best aquatic practices for your child. It is indeed of utmost importance to enforce a positive introduction to swimming by acquainting kids with the water and the basics of swimming in a fun and friendly atmosphere.


Bubs and Tots coaches are highly qualified, possessing an impressive range of qualifications conferred through professional bodies that uphold the highest standards in water safety and aquatic education for children.

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